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City of God by Aurelius Augustinus (354-430) - or Augustine of Hippo, or, more familiarly, St. Augustine - is one of the towering works of the human intellect: a book to be studied, not read. Together with his contemporaries, St. Ambrose and St. Jerome, Augustine is also the foundation block of Western thought in the postclassical Christian era

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Welcome to We are a publisher and website offering books and blogs of interest to thinking Catholics of all ages. Our goal is to help you find faith and culture in a secular -- and very often -- anti-Catholic society. Our blogs are written by Catholics ranging from sixty-something down to college age.

We’ll review books and other products, provide links to Catholic organizations, offer commentary and news of interest to Catholics, and serve as a Town Meeting site for Catholics who find themselves at sea in a world where they frequently feel marginalized.

The editors will accept book proposals from authors. To submit a book proposal, please notify us first at the email address below. We'll answer by email with submission instructions.The email address is: [email protected]


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